Use this workaround to easily pay your invoice with iDEAL.

Follow this link for detailed instructions.


After introducing the iDEAL workaround which is really easy for everyone and already turned out to be successful in the first 24 hours, we removed the Creditcard option from our website. The Creditcard option has been really bad the last few months, with success ratios as low as 45% in the last weeks. Removing it, is the best solution since many of our complaints were not about our services, but about the creditcard method. We should get rid of those complaints at the same time. If Creditcard was your main choice of payment, we are sorry, iDEAL is really easy, you can click the link above for a detailed tutorial.

However you can still use your creditcard using the method linked above, just follow the steps in our instructions, but instead of iDEAL, you choose creditcard.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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