Dear customers,

After many weeks of bad performance, downtime and issues, we have decided to stop selling Gold & Platinum services. We are no longer able to guarantee this will be a solid service that gets the attention it needs like it was back in the days, when we started offering these services to our customers almost three years ago. We really tried to work it out in a different way, unfortunately this was out of bounds. The services are online for the time being, it's just not possible to order those type of accounts anymore. 

Worldbilling is reselling multiple services in the entertainment world. We hope your Gold & Platinum accounts will stay active for the duration - however we can't guarantee this. IF the worst happens, we will do everything we can to find a proper solution for the duped customers.

Two new services have been listed, Lightning with focus on Benelux and Metal for US/UK/CA lovers. 

To summarize, we do not allow new orders for Gold or Platinum, also support will be limited.

In the coming weeks more news will follow, please check back in to stay up to date.


Friday, August 20, 2021

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