[NIEUW] Metal & Lightning

Er zijn twee nieuwe (aparte) diensten beschikbaar. Lightning heeft de focus op Benelux en Metal is gericht op UK/CA/USA/SPORTS.

23rd Aug 2021
Gold & Platinum not available to order

Dear customers, After many weeks of bad performance, downtime and issues, we have decided to stop selling Gold & Platinum services. We are no longer able to guarantee this will be a solid service that gets the attention it needs like it was back in the days, when we started offering these services to our customers almost three years ago. We ... Lees verder »

20th Aug 2021
Increase detected in fraud accounts

We are seeing a increased number in duplicate accounts created. If your account get's flagged for fraud (we always know when you will make a new account) the following actions can be taken: IP ban from all servers IP ban from our website ALL of your accounts will be closed This includes termination of other (active) products Please ... Lees verder »

3rd Aug 2021